Damas Sweets was established in 2011. It opened its central kitchen in Ampang in 2013 and in 2015 moved to its current large kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment to meet the market needs and improve the quality of services for our valued customers.


Damas Sweets has participated in many international food fairs and exhibitions in Malaysia such as MlHAS and PWTC Chocolate Fair.


Our company specializes in producing various kinds of sweets. It boasts a product variety of more than 40 types such as: Butter cookies, Petite four, traditional Barazek, Ghraybeh, Walnut Maamoul, Date and sesame Maamoul, Pistachio Maamoul, Pistachio Baklava, Rose Baklava, Cashew Baklava, Creamy Baklava, Sparrow’s nest, Ballorieh, Kunafa, Katayef, and various cream-based products.


Our traditional ice cream is handcrafted from fresh milk and mastic with premium pistachio that give it its irresistible taste. You will find many more delicious items at our shops. In all our products, we only use the finest imported and local ingredients.


To introduce authentic Mediterranean and Syrian sweets to Malaysia and Southeast Asia, our experienced chefs use traditional and modern recipes with only natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. This gives our sweets their unique taste that satisfies our customers.


Our products are 100% vegetarian with no preservatives, food chemicals or artificial colors. This makes our sweets healthy, nutritious and suitable for all ages. With low syrup levels and zero cholesterol, our sweets provide your body with energy, proteins and vitamins.


Fresh and daily baked Baklava is not only a sweet it is an Art of Middle east food culture. the Art that you can taste it.

Enjoy the tradition of high-quality sweets decades ago and miles away by the Damas family.


Preparing traditional Middle Eastern sweets is an art that is centuries old. We are proud to pioneer this art and in Malaysia. When tasting our premium sweets, you can savor this food culture that originated thousands of miles away in the comfort of your home.